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1. A dental bridge.
2. Dental prosthetics involving a bridge or bridges.


1. (Dentistry)
a. a partial denture attached to the surrounding teeth. See bridge15
b. the technique of making such appliances
2. (Civil Engineering) the process or occupation of constructing bridges



a. a dental bridge.
b. dental bridges collectively.
2. the art or process of building bridges.
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Noun1.bridgework - a denture anchored to teeth on either side of missing teeth
dental plate, denture, plate - a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth
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The brush is thin and tapered to clean between teeth, around and behind braces end bridgework or dentures.
The group has passed Network Rail's Contractors Assurance Case audit and will be allowed to tender as a main contractor for civil engineering, tunnelling, earthworks, bridgework and fabrication projects.
A scale and polish is likely to cost up to pounds 40, although the good news is that more expensive treatment such as bridgework won't cost more than pounds 120.
The company, founded when Poland joined the EU in 2004, offers packages in a little-known corner of South-Western Poland which include examinations to suggest programmes of repair work, from crowns and bridgework to teeth whitenings and filling replacements, all at The Dentistry Without Pain Clinic in Jelenia Gora.
In all, Ms Pollard visited Gwersyllt for bridgework and other treatment at least a dozen times - a total of about 2,400 miles.
Dr Benecke examined the Nazi dictator's elaborate dental bridgework to find out more about how he died.
Work has been going on for several weeks, but the Department of Transport says the junction will have to be closed completely on the weekend of November 12 to 15 to allow for critical bridgework.
He went on to say that oral irrigators are for everyday use, or "for those people who need mouthwash or antibacterial rinses, or who have [had] bridgework or braces.
Hoop's office (like fillings, crown and bridgework, denture and partial dentures).
Dallas's first match was in the Lanarkshire Amateur League, between Motherwell Bridgework and Blantyre Vics, 20 years ago.
Some of the bridgework had to be seen to be believed,' said a member of the centre's dentistry team.
According to the contact, the bridgework can begin as early as Feb.