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Adj.1.brightly-colored - having a bright color
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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Once he got on his knees with a scoop of sawdust to help turn the gray pavement of the parking lot into a brightly-colored carpet for the procession, he understood how special the Eucharist is.
Created to help children relate to everyday situations and understand that being different can be something to be proud of, Boomer To The Rescue combines an involving story with brightly-colored illustrations.
In the butterfly world, planting brightly-colored flowers is like hanging out a neon "Diner" sign.
Ostriches and emu are attracted to brightly-colored foods, while chimps like guava flavor.
The brightly-colored booklet provides translations and puts the songs in cultural context.
Because the aging eye often has difficulty in seeing colors of similar value (lightness or darkness), brightly-colored tape can also be applied to wheelchair wheel rims or brake handles.
A blur of brightly-colored painted horses, children laughing, memorable melodies playing in the background -- the vision of Carousel Gardens in New Orleans' City Park, the "Crown Jewel" of the city, is like a postcard from the past.
He did a pretty big piece up there,'' said California Highway Patrol Officer Randy Campbell, adding that the brightly-colored letters of the nickname were 6 to 8 feet tall.