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Noun1.brightness level - the quality of being luminousbrightness level - the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light; "its luminosity is measured relative to that of our sun"
physical property - any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions
illuminance, illumination - the luminous flux incident on a unit area
incandescence - light from heat
glow, luminescence - light from nonthermal sources
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Also, Reading Mode modifies the screen's brightness level to help users read content for longer periods of time without straining their eyes.
It works by adjustA[degrees] ing the image in extremely fine brightness steps, using accurate colour expression at any brightness level.
Color reproduction which is true to the director's intentions and calibrated to be correct at every brightness level.
Dolby's executive director of technology strategy, Pat Griffis explained that currently video is created and displayed using a reference peak brightness level that is much too small, close to 500 nits in modern-day TV, but human eye is used to seeing more than that, about 1.
Its warm white color temperature is 2,800K, and it has a CRI of 80, a brightness level of 1,000 candela per square meter and it consumes less than one watt of power.
When used with a whiteboard, one projector mode reduces the brightness level for eye protection.
A single brightness level (threshold) is chosen to create a binary image depicting paste and non-paste regions.
White Gold remains a 60# facestock with an improved brightness level of 88 and a gloss level of 80 percent.
They automatically detect and display the correct video format (NTSC or PAL) and use four long-life CCFT backlights to maintain brightness level over time.
The brightness level is achieved by selecting raw material of high whiteness and using newly developed technology to make white whiter.
This new VGA LCD features an equivalent brightness level and added energy savings of approximately 45 percent compared to the XGA model.
The fiber-optic system adjusts the brightness level and contrast of the reticle to ambient light conditions.