brilliant cut

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bril′liant cut`

a cut intended to enhance the brilliance of a gem without sacrificing weight, characterized by a form resembling two pyramids set base to base and typically having 58 facets. Compare emerald cut, marquise (def. 3a).
bril′liant-cut`, adj.
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In November, a magnificent fancy, vivid blue, brilliant-cut diamond, weighing 3.
Summary: Damas, the leading international jewellery and watch retailer in the Middle East, pays homage to Sarcar on completing 60 years of success -- a watch brand which is charac-terised by an aura of apparent simplicity concealing an entirely original system and adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds.
It features 12 brilliant-cut diamonds teaming up with an oval shaped ruby in the centre.
The couple met while working together at the Press Association THE PROPOSAL: Peter surprised Elinor by bidding for a diamond ring at an auction THE RING: Four baguette-cut diamonds, set in 12 brilliant-cut diamonds and white gold band WHAT DID THE BRIDE WEAR?
Throughout history no single jewelry design has enjoyed such profound influence or universal popularity as the Tiffany Setting, the patented six-prong setting for Tiffany's brilliant-cut diamonds.
Her diamond three-stone engagement ring from her first marriage is made up of three brilliant-cut diamonds of yellow tint.
2-carat baguette-cut emerald and diamond ring in white gold Dress ring Dr Dres es es ess i ri ri ri ri ring ng ng ng ng ng with large brilliant-cut 5.
The collet necklace is formed of 25 large graduated cushion-shaped brilliant-cut diamonds and a central drop-shaped pendant of 22.
The weapon and its scabbard are made of gold, enamelled in blue, green and red and set with rose-cut, brilliant-cut and Indian lasque stones - flat, unfaceted diamonds - which vary in colour from white to yellow and are set in a stylised design of lotus flowers and leaves.
With a lace-inspired design in white gold, the jewelled watch is decorated with 70 brilliant-cut diamonds along the curved case and mother-of-pearl dial.
The ring, thought to have been made in 1965, features a cushion-shaped diamond set horizontally within a mount of brilliant-cut diamonds and baguette-cut diamonds.
Sources told New York Post that he presented her with a brilliant-cut diamond ring set in platinum on a rose-gold band embedded with pink diamonds.