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1. Water saturated with or containing large amounts of a salt, especially sodium chloride.
a. The water of a sea or an ocean.
b. A large body of salt water.
3. Salt water used for preserving and pickling foods.
tr.v. brined, brin·ing, brines
To immerse, preserve, or pickle in salt water.

[Middle English, from Old English brīne.]

brin′er n.


1. a person who brines
2. a salt boiler
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The HFF investment advisory team representing the seller included managing director Andrew Briner.
To help carry this vision forward, the hotel has appointed Honorary Professor Dr Verena Briner as the new medical director, effective March 15.
HMT the pleasure of speaking with VisiQuate's Colt Briner, Vice President of Product Marketing, and Anthony Comfort Technical Product Manager.
PCB can be similarly defined as a perceived reciprocity imbalance in the employment relationship that acts as a psychosocial work stressor (Gakovic & Tetrick, 2003; Robbins, Ford, & Tetrick, 2012; for an overview see Conway & Briner, 2009).
Anesthesia protocol with propofol at 40 mg/kg intraperitoneally for induction for the first 60 min and then 20 mg*kg [sup]−1*h [sup]−1 intraperitoneally for maintenance for 5 h; this is a shorter version of what was originally described by Briner et al .
A literatura sobre lesoes no voleibol aponta varios casos de contusoes no voleibolista, tendo destaque para a entorse de tornozelo, uma das contusoes mais comuns nesse esporte (Briner Junior e Kacmar, 1997; Briner Junior e Benjamin, 1999; Gerberich e colaboradores, 1987; Tadiello e De Rose, 2006).
Organizational commitment and psychological contracts are constructs that develop over time (Bastos, Maia, Rodrigues, Macambira, & Borges-Andrade, 2014; Conway & Briner, 2005; Costa & Bastos, 2013; Mowday, Porter, & Steers, 1982).
Marie Briner, an elementary school parent, said she was alarmed to learn of the content of some books in the curriculum.
8 September 2014 - California-based First Mountain Bank (OTCBB: FMBP) said that chairman and CEO John G Briner has announced that he will be retiring as CEO as of March 31, 2015.
Jack Briner, chairman of the board and chief executive officer (CEO) has announced that he will be retiring as CEO on March 31, 2015.
Because we see the most shells dating to the 5,000-3000-year period, we think that this is when the most land was ice-free, when large layers of mud and fossils were allowed to accumulate before the glacier came and bulldozed them up," explains the University of Buffalo's Jason Briner, lead author of the research.
Organisational psychologist Rob Briner says: "Boredom is a protest when the job doesn't seem part of who you feel you are.