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adj. brin·i·er, brin·i·est
Of, relating to, or resembling brine; salty.
n. Chiefly British
The sea. Used with the.

brin′i·ness n.
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Noun1.brininess - the relative proportion of salt in a solution
saltiness - the property of containing salt (as a compound or in solution)
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The oysters are shucked per table (or per seat at the raw bar) so it takes a minute to arrive, but it's worth it when you can eat a freshly shucked oyster with all the brininess intact.
These turned out to be whole abalone in shiny, clear gravy that displayed an intense mollusk flavor and the brininess of the sea topped on green of fleurettes of broccoli.
This sparkling wine is as dry as they come; it brings a brininess of its own for a sea-breeze effect, with a fresh cucumber finish.
Cocktails, he says, mimic some of the characteristics of white wines when it comes to cutting through the brininess of the oysters, but their light bodies keep from destroying the delicacy of the oysters' texture.
Garganega from basaltic lava soils sings elderflower and almond; bright fruit yet underlying minerality and high acid to match the pungency of the basil-caper cream and the brininess of smoked salmon and seaweed," he notes.
A Sancerre's mineral quality and steely acidity should cut through the brininess of the meat.
The other half is about the nostalgia--Russ & Daughters smells of "the brininess of herrings and pickles; the yeastiness of freshly baked bagels and bialys.
Made in first fill American oak casks, this latest launch showcases a distinctively sweet and velvety flavor, reminiscent of the classic Speyside style, yet with a brininess commonly found in Islay malts, due to the distillery's proximity to the sea.
Teachers all over the school quietly about their brininess, suddenly perk up, drop everything and start running to the same location.
Begona Ahm, owner of the family-run brininess, started Karoma in 1992 and began exporting two years ago.
Oysters by themselves "get kind of heavy on the palate after a while, with all that richness and brininess and sweet glycogen kind of flavor," he said.