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 (brĭngk′mən-shĭp′) also brinks·man·ship (brĭngks′-)
The practice, especially in international politics, of seeking advantage by creating the impression that one is willing and able to push a highly dangerous situation to the limit rather than concede.

brinkmanship, brinksmanship

the technique or practice in foreign policy of manipulating a dangerous situation to the limits of tolerance or safety in order to secure advantage, especially by creating diplomatic crises.
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Hawaii families deserve better than brinksmanship, finger pointing, stalemates, and shutdowns.
Budget negotiations during periods of divided government in Minnesota have often been marked by brinksmanship.
In fact, President Trump and his policymakers harbored skepticism about Kim's olive branch, given his brinksmanship over his nuclear and missile development programs.
It would be unforgivable for politicians on either side of the Channel to privilege brinksmanship and disruption over thriving trade.
His comments suggest another round of brinksmanship around a government shutdown is likely; any hope of an early resolution of the issue now appear too optimistic.
With so much of the news feeling like a poorly written novel these days, it's a pleasure to have well-written fiction to distract us, especially if it also provides the sort of insight into war, terrorism, and the brinksmanship of the global espionage game that the press too rarely gets right.
City believe the lack of departures so far is down to brinksmanship.
Therefore you see two levels of brinksmanship, one between Abramovich and Everton, and the other between Mourinho and Abramovich.
As it stands, these politicians are in effect telling the Lebanese: There is no foreseeable solution to the crisis, so we will engage in some brinksmanship in order to force some kind of "movement.
The brinksmanship in these negotiations will no doubt continue until the eleventh hour," said Ali Vaez, an expert at the International Crisis Group.
Brinksmanship is a dangerous game; Russian roulette.