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Noun1.bristle brush - a brush that is made with the short stiff hairs of an animal or plantbristle brush - a brush that is made with the short stiff hairs of an animal or plant
brush - an implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle
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Lubricating oil,plastic bristle brush,copper wire brushes,covers for gun,mopa for cleaning the barrel etc.
A bristle brush is the absolute best tool for smoothing hair, and finding one that has natural bristles (or synthetic ones that mimic them) is key for healthy, shiny locks.
Also, during winter, once all the leaves have fallen off the trees, get a stiff bristle brush and warm soapy water (washing-up liquid) and lightly scrub the walls.
Hair clip Bobby pins or hairpins Comb Bristle brush Hairspray
Line-X Line-X manufacturers recommend cleaning coated items with Simple Green, an environmental friendly all-purpose cleaner, and a bristle brush.
Here's how: | Use a bristle brush to get rid of any knots and then, using your hands, pull the hair into a pony tail as high or low as you want it - the middle of the head is my favourite for this plaited style.
Brush out the ringlets you''ve just created, using a natural bristle brush, until you are left with soft waves.
Coat the exposed section in craft glue using a small bristle brush, and then sprinkle on glitter.
3 WHEN dry, fix stencil to surface with masking tape and apply a contrasting shade, such as Willow Furniture and Cupboard Paint with a round-headed natural bristle brush.
Scrub with a stiff bristle brush and let stand for a half hour.
makers of Brush-T, the bristle brush plastic golf tee--comes packaged in the same size box as a dozen golf balls and contains two decks of cards, instructions, a golf pencil, and scorecards.
The Digital Camo Pouch cleaning kits feature MOLLE attachment devices and include Kleen-Bore's signature sectioned cleaning rod with snap-down handle, Formula 3, 100-percent cotton patches, a double-ended nylon bristle brush and bore brushes specific to each kit.