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n. pl. bros Slang
1. A brother.
2. Friend; pal. Used as a form of familiar address for a man or boy: So long, bro.

[African American Vernacular English.]


1. NZ a family member
2. a close associate


(bruː) ,




informal South African a friend, often used in direct address
[C20: from Afrikaans broer brother]


(broʊ, brʌ)

n., pl. bros. Slang.
1. brother.
2. friend; pal; buddy.
[1830–40; reduced form of brother]


or Bro.,

pl. bros.


n (US inf)
(= friend)Kumpel m; hi, bro!hallo, Kumpel!
(= brother)Bruder m
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On one especially good encounter, 30 seconds of bro small talk led to a heartfelt bro tale of epic magnitude.
According to Paul Holcomb, a BRO biomedical engineer developing the RSM, "The amount of oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin can be adjusted to examine the effects of oxygen deprivation on skin optical properties, or the amount of bilirubin can be increased to determine the effects of jaundice, a common symptom of liver disease.
Founded in 1979, BRO is an optical engineering firm of global reach and reputation, providing an international array of clients with innovative solutions.
Shroder, most recently involved in the design of video and digital-display systems, brings to BRO wide-ranging utility experience to assist clients with requirements in spectroscopy, lasers, and opto-mechanical systems.
After functionality of the prototype realSens device is verified," said Synodon CEO Adrian Banica, "Synodon intends to subcontract to BRO the fabrication of up to 25 more units over the next five years.
There's been industry-wide buzz about 'BRO's animal ads' since we broke Stevenson's first ad featuring an orangutan," said BRO CEO Kathleen Perkins.
Through the design-build contracting process, ODOT has committed to giving contractors more responsibility and freedom, which made the exchange between Goodfellow Bros.