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Noun1.broadcast journalist - a journalist who broadcasts on radio or televisionbroadcast journalist - a journalist who broadcasts on radio or television
broadcaster - someone who broadcasts on radio or television
journalist - a writer for newspapers and magazines
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When his father died, the Kapamilya broadcast journalist did not hem or haw when the role of breadwinner fell on his lap.
On a different network, another female broadcast journalist has also 'moved up' by way of her own news and public affairs interview show, with similarly important guests lined up for her to confidently interact with.
Scholar, professor, adored radio personality, author, award-winning broadcast journalist and joke teller extraoirdinaire Michael Krasny has a new book out called, Let There Be Laughter: A Treasury of Great Jewish Humor and What it All Means (Harper Collins) andit's really funny.
The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, today deplored the death of broadcast journalist Nematullah Zahir in Afghanistans Helmand province on 4 November.
Year 7 pupils Joe, Courtney, Arron, Gaby, Konrad and Pallavi worked with BBC Newcastle broadcast journalist Emma Wass to produce their reports.
Days after the British press broke the news of Imran's alleged marriage to broadcast journalist Reham Khan, the former cricketer on Tuesday hinted that an official announcement was in the offing.
He also spent 10 years as a broadcast journalist covering politics.
Tarek Als has 16 years' experience as a broadcast journalist.
Manila: Another broadcast journalist was shot and killed on Thursday in Digos City, southern Philippines, as the toll on scribes continues to mount in the country.
Book Reading WCVB-TV broadcast journalist Ted Reinstein reads from his new book "A New England Notebook: One Reporter, Six States, Uncommon Stories,'' 7 p.
As well as sharing her own experiences of starting out, Steph also spoke about the variety of stories she has covered across the country in her role as a broadcast journalist and presenter on television and radio.
Throughout her time as a broadcast journalist, Walters has interviewed an enormous catalogue of world leaders andA public figures from presidents toA Michael Jackson, Laurence Olivier, and more.

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