broken heart

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Noun1.broken heart - devastating sorrow and despair; "he is recovering from a broken heart"; "a broken heart languishes here"
sorrow - an emotion of great sadness associated with loss or bereavement; "he tried to express his sorrow at her loss"
corazón partido
cœur blessé
cuore diviso
coração partido
inimă rănită
References in classic literature ?
Some day I'll lie down in it and for- get it all, and my poor broken heart will be at rest.
Drot your pore broken heart," says the baldhead; "what are you heaving your pore broken heart at US f'r?
We have too much reason to fear that he died of a broken heart.
If a man can't pay his debts, he dies of a broken heart, and his widow's a martyr.
Why should I have been the favored one; I with my broken heart and now lonely life?
I could not decide whether she desired the return of her husband because she loved him, or because she dreaded the tongue of scandal; and I was perturbed by the suspicion that the anguish of love contemned was alloyed in her broken heart with the pangs, sordid to my young mind, of wounded vanity.
For a moment all were touched, and there was disposi- tion to deal mercifully with her, seeing that she was so young and friendless, and her case so piteous, and the law that robbed her of her support to blame as being the first and only cause of her transgression; but the prosecuting officer replied that whereas these things were all true, and most pitiful as well, still there was much small theft in these days, and mistimed mercy here would be a danger to property -- oh, my God, is there no property in ruined homes, and orphaned babes, and broken hearts that British law holds precious
I don't like to think of broken hearts -- or anything unpleasant.
If you have recently gone through a breakup or lost someone very close to your heart, you might become a victim to the broken heart syndrome - a term that describes an actual illness and not just something that a protagonist of a Jane Austin novel goes through.
But it turns out that a broken heart is an actual medical condition.
Forever is a long time this I know is true, but that's how long my broken heart will love and yearn for you.
The pain of a broken heart feels all too real, and there may be a reason for that: broken heart syndrome.