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A large Australian crane (Grus rubicunda) with a bare greenish head and a red stripe around the neck. It is known for its elaborate courtship dance.

[From Kamilaroi (Pama-Nyungan language of southeast Australia) burralga or a kindred source in other Pama-Nyungan languages of southeast Australia .]


(Animals) a large grey Australian crane, Grus rubicunda, having a red-and-green head and a trumpeting call. Also called: Australian crane or native companion
[C19: from a native Australian language]
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But no visit to Australia would be complete without some sort of kangaroo encounter (other than in a pie), so meeting Brolga (Kangaroo Dundee from the TV), hearing all about kangaroo habits, and cuddling a joey (small kangaroo) at the Kangaroo Sanctuary was a highlight.
An emergency was declared in the area, surrounded by Wirraway, Partridge, Parakeet, Brolga, Clipper, Comorant, Kittyhawk streets and Inala Avenue.
In this it was said that Orion was the brolga put into the sky by Baayami after fighting with the emu (when the Sun was created).
We also met Brolga's new girlfriend Tahnee, and the episode ended with Brolga heading off down the road, not quite into the sunset but definitely towards his new life, carrying two bags containing his three little joeys Rex, Ruby and the gorgeous Bluey.
WE saw last week how, after four years, the allure of living in a tin shack with no power, no toilet, no fridge and a plague of mice was starting to wear thin for Brolga.
As the cameras start rolling again, Brolga has just taken in two new joeys by the name of Rex and Ruby, and is raising them using a pillowcase as a pouch.
From his sanctuary in the bush outside Alice Springs, Brolga cares for his orphans, and spends months training and preparing them so that they can one day be released.
An English translation by Marie Ramsland, titled The Great Australian Novel--A Panorama, was published by Brolga Publishing in Melbourne in 2010.
Single diamond drillholes have been completed at the Brolga and Wedgetail targets.
Merindah is a young Aboriginal girl who nurtures a baby brolga through the seasons until she grows to maturity and finds a lifelong mate of her own.
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The stout Brolga 33 sailed up the River Derwent to Hobart late on the afternoon of 1 March 2010, becoming the first yacht to circumnavigate the world via the North West Passage under sail.