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 (brō′mə-lən, -lān′) also bro·me·lin (-lən)
A proteolytic enzyme obtained from pineapples.

[New Latin Bromel(ia), former pineapple genus; see bromeliad + (pap)ain.]


(Biochemistry) an enzyme derived from pineapple, used as an anti-inflammatory agent in homeopathy and as a meat tenderizer in the food industry
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Now, the new Wobenzym PS provides health professionals with a unique blend of enzymes in an enhanced formula with twice the strength of active ingredients bromelain, trypsin, and rutoside, compared with Wobenzym N.
Discussion of alternative therapeutics includes nutrients and botanicals (ascorbic acid, bromelain, N-acetylcysteine, quercetin, undecylenic acid, and Urtica dioica and other herbal medicines) and procedures (nasal irrigation and naso-sympatico treatments).
The chemical ingredients consist of chelating minerals and the bromelain enzyme.
Bromelain and papain, which are protein-digesting enzymes from pineapple and papaya, have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and swelling-reducing properties.
The enzyme bromelain, present only in the fresh fruit, helps dissolve congealed blood cells that cause bruising - it has replaced raw steak as a treatment for black eyes in boxing.
Each three (3) caplets of Super Joints(TM) contains 1500 mg of MSM, 1200 mg of Glucosamine (HCL), 225 mg of Boswellin Extract, 200 mg of Chondroitin Sulfate, 25 mg of Manganese and a 300 mg Proprietary Joint Enzyme Blend consisting of Bromelain, Peptizyme SP and Papaine.
uk Add a sachet to water for a lemon flavoured drink with 1,500mg of joint-boosting glucosamine, the anti-inflammatory pineapple extract bromelain, plus bone strengthener vitamin D.
Bromelain exhibits fibrinolytic activity, as well as reducing pain, edema, and inflammation.
Bromelain is a mixture of proteinases derived from pineapple stem that is marketed in health food stores as a "digestive aid".
Along with apple cider vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar Plus also contains apple pectin, bromelain, cayenne, citrin, ginger and fenugreek seed in the exact dosages that studies suggest to be beneficial for accelerating weight loss, controlling the appetite, and stimulating calorie and fat burning.
It is sometimes combined with bromelain - an extract of pineapple that has pain killing and anti- inflammatory effects.
bromelain is an enzyme found in stems of the fruit and it works by interfering with the bacteria's ability to attach to cells on the walls of the intestine.