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 (brō′mĭz′əm) also bro·min·ism (brō′mə-nĭz′əm)
A toxic condition caused by the chronic overuse of bromides, characterized by mental dullness, loss of muscular coordination, and sometimes skin eruptions.


(ˈbrəʊˌmɪzəm) or


(Pathology) poisoning caused by the excessive intake of bromine or compounds containing bromine


a poisoning produced by excessive use of bromine or bromine compounds. Also brominism, bromidism.
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The syphilis theory, however, has never squared with the other facts of MacDowell's life, which is why Bomberger's argument that MacDowell died of bromism may be one of the biggest coups of this new biography.
Pinfold himself asks why, if the voices were all in his head, the fruit of bromism, their attacks were not more devastating: "I mean to say, if I wanted to draw up an indictment of myself, I could make a far blacker and more plausible case" (Ordeal 229).
But normal people don't have to be concerned about bromism from this product.