bronchial tube

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bronchial tube

A bronchus or any of its branches.

bron′chial tube`

a bronchus or any of its ramifications or branches.

bron·chi·al tube

A bronchus or any of the tubes branching from a bronchus. The bronchial tubes decrease in size as they descend into the lungs.
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Noun1.bronchial tube - either of the two main branches of the tracheabronchial tube - either of the two main branches of the trachea
lower respiratory tract - the bronchi and lungs
cartilaginous tube - a duct with cartilaginous walls
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Welland's bronchial tubes, they always spent the latter part of the winter.
Right sided endo bronchial tube position was confirmed by auscultation.
The devoted dad of two will be spending today and tomorrow at Portland Hospital for Women and Children with his wife Chanelle as their baby recovers from surgery to correct narrowing of his bronchial tube.
She gave birth on July 5 but the cub died July 11 after the mother's milk had entered the cub's bronchial tube.
Asthma attacks cause bronchial tube contractions, resulting in restrictive breathing that makes sufferers gasp for air.
High pretransplantation BMI and the development of bronchial tube obstruction (bronchiolitis obliterans) were the most powerful predictors of mortality after lung transplantation, the authors reported in the February issue of Chest.
Pamela Abbott was 20 years old when she entered Bennett Hospital in Plantation, Florida, to have a benign tumor removed from her bronchial tube.
This variation of the tubes in length from the proximal edge of the bronchial cuff to the tip of the bronchial tube is caused both by variation in cuff length and variation in tip length for the same size tube from even the same manufacturer (Table 1).
The autopsy also showed that her bronchial tube had been severed.
Although she was fully conscious when admitted, her breathing stopped soon after she received IV treatment with a drug to dilate her bronchial tube.
A team of doctors led by Noriaki Tanaka injected a vector fluid containing the cancer-killing gene ''p53'' into three parts of the patient's bronchial tube to treat the cancer, the officials said.