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n. broncodilatación, dilatación bronquial.
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A recent research - CLAIM Study - is the first to investigate the effects of dual bronchodilation on cardiac function and lung hyperinflation.
CLAIM is the first study to investigate the effects of dual bronchodilation on cardiac function and lung hyperinflation.
Early pharmacogenetic studies in two cohorts of asthmatic children demonstrated that Arg16 homozygotes experience greater forced expiratory volume during the first second (FEV1) bronchodilation in response to one-time administration of albuterol compared with Gly16 homozygotes.
The trial also met its primary bronchodilation endpoint, demonstrating non-inferiority to tiotropium bromide once-daily.
Physiologic functions impacted by the central nervous system include: heart rate, blood pressure (BP), tone of the bladder sphincter and detrusor muscle, bowel motility, bronchodilation and constriction, pupillary dilation and constriction, sweating, catecholamine release, erection, ejaculation and orgasm, tearing, and salivation.
The rationale for this change is that LABA/LAMAs give greater bronchodilation compared with LABA/ICS, and one study showed a decreased rate of exacerbations compared to LABA/ICS in patients with a history of exacerbations.
Current drug therapy for stable COPD focuses primarily on bronchodilation through inhaled beta2-agonists and anticholinergic agents, immunisation, and elimination of smoking as a risk factor.
Determinants of the bronchodilation response to salbutamol on histamine-induced bronchoconstriction.
For acute episodes of short-acting bronchodilators, systemic corticosteroids, and ipratropium are used to induce rapid bronchodilation and reduce spasm.
Long-acting bronchodilation witlI once-daily dosing of tiotropium (Spiriva) in stable chrenic obstructive pulmonary disease.
A significant increase in these values has occurred following bronchodilation.
Long-acting agents, such as salmeterol, formoterol, and arformoterol are indicated for maintenance bronchodilation and control of bronchospasm, and for control of nocturnal symptoms in asthma or other obstructive diseases.