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1. Relating to a bronchus and the pleura.
2. Joining a bronchus and the pleural cavity.
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Bronchopleural Fistula (BPF) was suspected when chest x-ray PA view before thoracentesis showed horizontal air fluid level and persistence of air bubbling through the intercostal tube drainage system beyond 24 hours after tube thoracostomy.
In the presence of high flow bronchopleural fistula or pneumothorax, HFJV facilitates alveolar recruitment and increases the mean pressure in the airway, but decreases peak pressure and the leak.
Such erosions and extrusions have also been reported to produce chronic pneumonia, bronchiectasis and bronchopleural fistulas.
Water column movement and a large bronchopleural fistula were seen.
Called bronchopleural fistulas, these wounds are holes that lead from the large airways in the lungs to the membrane that lines the lungs.
He developed a bronchopleural fistula on the right side following intercostal drain insertion for spontaneous pneumothorax.
There were no granulomas or malignancy and no bronchopleural fistula.
In addition, we will discuss the imaging features of complex pleural-parenchymal abnormalities, with special consideration of bronchopleural fistulas, unexpandable lung, and post-pneumonectomy complications.
The patient had some underlying bullous lung disease, as I remember, and bilateral bronchopleural fistulae following chest trauma.
Medical management and therapy of bronchopleural fistulas in the mechanically ventilated patient.
dagger]) 1 incident where chest tube incorrectly inserted and needed replacement; 1 postoperative bronchopleural fistula.