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n.1.(Surg.) An incision into the windpipe or larynx, including the operations of tracheotomy and laryngotomy.
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The operative treatments of endobronchial lipoma include bronchoscopic excision, bronchotomy, lobectomy or pneumonectomy.
We exposed the right main bronchus and bronchotomy done for excision of endobronchial tumour (Fig 4).
During the bronchotomy, both the Fogarty catheter and the foreign body were dislodged from the right main bronchus, with the foreign body completely obstructing the left main bronchus while the right main bronchotomy was open to the atmosphere.
The foreign body was thought to be impacted and a right thoracotomy for bronchotomy and removal of the foreign body was planned for the next day.
Further bronchoscopy, possibly followed by thoracotomy for bronchotomy or lobectomy was considered, should the foreign body prove impossible to remove endoscopically.