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Adj.1.bronze-red - of red tinged with bronze
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The arching bronze-red leaves of weeping brown sedge Carex Flagellifera are best seen in tall pots.
Look out for Fireworks with purplish-red leaves, Can-can with maroon leaves and Palace Purple with bronze-red leaves.
THE weeping brown sedge, Carex Flagellifera, is a good choice for growing in tall pots where the arching, bronze-red leaves can be seen at their best.
They make a lush and colorful ground cover with yellow, orange, salmon, burgundy, or bronze-red flowers.
In fall, the leaves turn a bronze-red with tints of yellow to match the golden leaves of the maples.
Moerheim Beauty develops into a 3-foot-tall plant that displays bronze-red flowers in July and August - later and longer if pinched in early summer.
She created new coverings for their island-style four-poster bed from a melange of fabrics: a bronze-red tropical print with coordinates from Kravet, luscious silk from Jab and upholstered fabric from Robert Allen.
Potentilla fruticosa is a hardy small shrub with a choice of flower colours including bright bronze-red Red Ace, rich yellow Katherine Dykes and white Abbotswoood.
Bronze-Red Hibiscus, Bison Brewing Company, Berkeley, CA