brood hen

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Noun1.brood hen - a domestic hen ready to brood
biddy, hen - adult female chicken
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It combines the relaxed, receptive posture of the Brood Hen decoy; cocky, quarter-strut pose of the J-Bird decoy; and dominant, active posture of the Ol' Wet Hen to trigger aggressive gobbler responses.
The assembly yelp is given by the brood hen when a flock is scattered.
Breeding success (number of young reared per hen) involves the proportion of brood hens (those with young in late summer) and brood size (number of young per brood hen).
A brood hen incubates her eggs alone in a nest that is little more than a depression in the ground lined with dead leaves.
When the young turkeys get split up from the brood hen, they start calling to each other so they can locate each other and get back together," Berry explained.