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Noun1.broomweed - annual of southwestern United States having rigid woody branches with sticky foliage and yellow flowers
genus Gutierrezia, Gutierrezia - sticky perennial herbs and subshrubs of western North America and warm South America
matchbush, matchweed - any of several plants of the genus Gutierrezia having tiny flower heads that resemble the heads of matches
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That can't be said about a different ranch-devouring critter: false broomweed, nicknamed The Beast.
Other dominant forbs within quadrats at the grazed site were western ragweed (Ambrosia psilostachya), common broomweed (Gutierrezia dracunculoides), and hog potato (Hoffmannseggia glauca).
Frequency of occurrence of marshhay cordgrass (Spartina patens), annual broomweed (Amphiachyrus dracunculoides), Juncus, and yankeeweed (Eupatorium compositifolium) showed no difference (P > 0.
Dominant forbs are broomweed (Gutierrezia texana), hog potato (Hoffmannsegia glauca).
Other herbaceous dominants included common broomweed (Gutierrezia dracunculoides), hog potato (Hoffmannseggia glauca), and western ragweed (Ambrosia psilostachya).