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n. pl. bros Slang
1. A brother.
2. Friend; pal. Used as a form of familiar address for a man or boy: So long, bro.

[African American Vernacular English.]


or Bros.,



pl (Comm) abbr of BrothersGebr.
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So, despite the party-time Spring Break vibe of the Tamarindo bars, the kids weren't even thinking about chicks--just bros.
He also bought a 38-acre site in Spencer in 1948 that still serves as the location for Shine Bros.
While one might be tempted to borrow an old phrase from Bugs Bunny - ``of course you know this means war'' - there is actually very little disagreement at Warner Bros.
Prior to this promotion, Gareton served as Senior Vice President, Business Decision Support for Warner Bros.
She and everybody else at this school would love to put Sam back, but then she'd be running afoul of the consumer products division of Warner Bros.
Concurrent with this appointment, Jason Hall, who has served as Senior Vice President, Warner Bros.
Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has licensed the rights for selected intellectual properties to SCi.
Reporting to Hall, Baker heads multiple departments within Warner Bros.
Smoke House builds on the successful partnership Clooney and Heslov developed at Section Eight, the Warner Bros.