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Characteristic of or befitting brothers; fraternal.

broth′er·li·ness n.
broth′er·ly adv.


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Anne thought she left great happiness behind her when they quitted the house; and Louisa, by whom she found herself walking, burst forth into raptures of admiration and delight on the character of the navy; their friendliness, their brotherliness, their openness, their uprightness; protesting that she was convinced of sailors having more worth and warmth than any other set of men in England; that they only knew how to live, and they only deserved to be respected and loved.
It was always his way to turn the point back upon an opponent, and he did it now, with a beaming brotherliness of face and utterance.
He has been a second Fenelon, unknown beyond the narrow limits of a country parish, and by some secret of his own has infused a spirit of brotherliness and of charity among these folk that has made them almost like one large family.
This would indicate that there are some consequences to take care of, over and above the chants of the traditional PML-N unity and brotherliness.
The airline was equally well received by the Senegalese airport authorities who described the commencement of operations to the African countries as a sign of brotherliness and the determination of Air Peace to connect the continent together.
We're happy that Doha-Tehran ties are based on friendship, brotherliness and good neighbourliness," he said.
On the one hand, the President extended a hand of brotherliness by assuring members of the East African Community that their citizens will be treated like Kenyans and will be free to operate in this country using only their national identification card.
The talks were held in a friendly way that reflected mutual amity and brotherliness and common willingness to cement bilateral cooperation and coordination in all domains.
In his remarks, Governor Dickson said the visit was solemn, but historic and thanked Ibori for his thoughtfulness to visit the family, which emphasized the brotherliness that existed between him and the late former governor.
A] wave of enthusiasm and brotherliness is running through the minds of Muslims as well as non-Muslims here .
If our values and habits are founded on the principle of ndummilinduazo, live and let live, our approach to the environment would be that of friendship and brotherliness (Ibanga, 2014, p.
In principle, while religious brotherliness, as described by Weber, rejects the world as it is, it does not flee from the world.