brown belt

brown′ belt′

1. a brown cloth waistband conferred upon a participant in a martial art to indicate an intermediate level of expertise.
2. a person at this level.
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GRADE STUFF: Tim Dugdale is presented with his black belt first dan by examiner Chris Dawson (left) and (right) Sergiy Huziyenko receives his brown belt first kyu from Dawson
My favourite item is a ripped denim skirt with a brown belt, which I bought not too long ago from New Look.
Brown belt Heather Wilson, 36, was punched in the face as the coward pounced from behind late at night.
Ross Pearson, a former Park View Community School pupil and now a martial arts expert with a black belt in taekwondo and a brown belt in judo, will be leading the martial arts sessions.
Brown belt Damien, 11, from Saltersgill, grabbed third spot in the tag-team fighting.
Winehouse, wearing a grey pinstripe skirt suit with a brown belt over a black T-shirt, sat in the dock with her head bowed as the prosecution opened the case.
Under coach Dave Lancaster, who also went out to Florida, Damien has reached the grade of a 2nd kyu brown belt and looks destined for a bright future in martial arts.
A blue and white polo shirt, a pair of khakis and a brown belt worn at the beginning of the movie are also up for sale priced at pounds 2,176 (EUR3,109).
The training is conducted under the guidance of an experienced coach, the owner of a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kaznaev Alexander Valerevich.
He also finished second in the brown belt category.
Hamdan Al Balushi won the 83-kg purple belt gold medal, and Zayed Al Kaabi claimed the 108-kg brown belt gold to make it a memorable day for the UAE.
The video features the feel-good story of a lovable tatay and the brown belt bag that seems to be permanently attached to his waist, whether he's at work, at home or even at formal gatherings.