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A piece of industrial or commercial property that is abandoned or underused and often environmentally contaminated, especially one considered as a potential site for redevelopment.


(Sociology) (modifier) denoting or located in an urban area that has previously been built on: Hampshire has many brownfield developments.


an industrial or commercial site that is idle or underused because of real or perceived environmental pollution.


[ˈbraʊnfiːld] ADJ [site, land] → previamente urbanizado
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The tool aims to help workers involved in brownfield redevelopment projects in decisionmaking processes, including assessing community health risks and working with stakeholders.
Brownfield redevelopment projects like the Blue Greenway are intended to bring environmental and economic benefits to run-down urban areas.
But now a Durham University study has confirmed that people living near brownfield sites - land previously used for industrial or commercial purposes but now vacant - are significantly more likely to suffer from poor health than those living in areas with little or no brownfield land.
Concerning redevelopment patterns, the majority of investors engaged in brownfield regeneration in post-socialist countries have been large companies with foreign capital for whom economic profit and a fast return on investment are the key factors behind their investments.
arise in locations that previously had been considered brownfield sites.
In addition to being the current President-Elect of the NAFB, I'm an anchor and reporter for Brownfield Ag News, a farm news and information network, which, before long, will begin its fifth decade on the air.
By awarding grants to those committed to cleaning up and developing brownfield sites, we can start revitalizations that may not otherwise have occurred, and that will bring real benefits to local neighborhoods.
In recent years, brownfield redevelopment has become a strategy for sustainable land use and urban revitalization (BenDor and Metcalf 2005).
Zwingle, principal at SESI Consulting Engineers, Pine Brook, NJ, discusses brownfield reclamation, and why this topic should matter to building owners and facility managers.
This region has really excelled in brownfield redevelopment," Mr.
The foundation of brownfield sustainable development is built on the premise of economic development needs, along with the environmental protection.