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Adj.1.brownish-black - of black tinged with brown
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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For the prototype, Ikea partnered with Bemz to create an intensely shaggy slipcover from brownish-black Icelandic longhaired sheepskin.
The band immediately above this, beneath the dense cluster of tin cones in two distinct parallel rows, is painted in a chocolate brownish-black earth pigment.
The greenish- or brownish-black (27%) and black/grey (19%) were the other frequently observed colors.
There was brownish-black pigmentation of the skin over the sun-exposed sites especially on the face neck and extensor aspects of the upper and lower limbs.
Two days after which he developed severe swelling of Penis with brownish-black discolouration with small bullae.
The river water has turned a deep brownish-black color and the soil and water poses health hazards to the people residing in the area.
It is known that the brownish-black discolouration caused by the drug disappears within a few months after stopping treatment.
Greenish-yellow,###Brownish-off white,###Blackish-brown, friable, Brownish-black, smooth
An examination of the urine revealed a brownish-black color when exposed to air.
Chilli Plum Porter is deep brownish-black in colour and pours with a thick, rich and foamy light-brown head.
The Afsin Elbistan site has 40 per cent of Turkey's reserves of lignite, a soft brownish-black coal, according to the company.