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Adj.1.brownish-black - of black tinged with brown
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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Coal is a readily combustible black or brownish-black rock.
The river water has turned a deep brownish-black color and the soil and water poses health hazards to the people residing in the area.
Chilli Plum Porter is deep brownish-black in colour and pours with a thick, rich and foamy light-brown head.
The Afsin Elbistan site has 40 per cent of Turkey's reserves of lignite, a soft brownish-black coal, according to the company.
Abdomen (Figs 4, 5): All tergites short and setulose, with distinct black marginal setae, except T1 + 2 in both sexes; tergite 1 with blackish ovoid macula at lateral margins in both sexes; tergites in both sexes with blackish to brownish-black maculae at their margins, sometimes slightly concave in middle; tergite 6 yellowish brown in male; terminalia entirely yellowish; sternites yellowish in both sexes, clothed in thick brown setulae in male.
Ochronosis is a rare metabolic disorder that is characterized by a brownish-black pigmentation of connective tissues.
Cigarette smoking causes yellowish to brownish-black discoloration of teeth.
Potato blight is another problem, so if you see signs of it - brownish-black patches on the leaves, which eventually wither and die - chop off infected leaves down to ground level.
If you see signs - brownish-black patches on the leaves, which wither and die - chop off infected leaves.
CHARACTERISTICS OF THREE SONGBIRDS American Evening Grosbeak Goldfinch Yellow Warbler Coloring Yellow forehead, Black forehead, Yellow-green on (adult male) brownish-black yellow body, top with bright head, yellow black and white yellow on the belly, and wings and tail throat and patches of white underside and black on the wings and tail Diet Fruit, large Seeds Insects and seeds (such as occasionally cherry pits), and fruit insects Songs * Evenly spaced, Twitters and Rapid notes that long chirps warbles that sound like sound like "sweet-sweet- "po-ta-to-chip" sweet-I'm-so- sweet" * TEACHERS, VISIT WWWSCHOLASTIC.
She portioned out several cylindrical sections, about the size of cucumber slices, with pure white centers and a dark brownish-black rind.