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v. browsed, brows·ing, brows·es
a. To inspect something leisurely and casually: browsed through the map collection for items of interest.
b. To read something superficially by selecting passages at random: browsed through the report during lunch.
2. To look for information on the internet.
3. To feed on leaves, young shoots, and other vegetation; graze.
1. To look through or over (something) casually: browsed the newspaper; browsing the gift shops for souvenirs.
2. To read (websites) casually on the internet.
a. To nibble; crop.
b. To graze on.
1. Young twigs, leaves, and shoots that are fit for animals to eat.
2. An act of browsing.

[Probably from obsolete French broust, young shoot, from Old French brost, of Germanic origin.]

brows′a·ble (-zə-bəl) adj.
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Noun1.browsing - reading superficially or at randombrowsing - reading superficially or at random  
reading - the cognitive process of understanding a written linguistic message; "his main reading was detective stories"; "suggestions for further reading"
2.browsing - the act of feeding by continual nibbling
eating, feeding - the act of consuming food
References in classic literature ?
La Folle was sorry when they were gone, for she loved these dumb companions well, and liked to feel that they were there, and to hear them browsing by night up to her own enclosure.
Whether marching amid his aides and marshals in the van of countless cohorts that endlessly streamed it over the plains, like an Ohio; or whether with his circumambient subjects browsing all around at the horizon, the White Steed gallopingly reviewed them with warm nostrils reddening through his cool milkiness; in whatever aspect he presented himself, always to the bravest Indians he was the object of trembling reverence and awe.
And they'll follow that meal track to the lake and go browsing down the creek that leads out of it to find the robbers that killed me and took the things.
Eppie was now aware that her behaviour was under observation, but it was only the observation of a friendly donkey, browsing with a log fastened to his foot--a meek donkey, not scornfully critical of human trivialities, but thankful to share in them, if possible, by getting his nose scratched; and Eppie did not fail to gratify him with her usual notice, though it was attended with the inconvenience of his following them, painfully, up to the very door of their home.
Then he jumped like a cat, for he saw huge things nosing about in the shoal water and browsing on the heavy fringes of the weeds.
Thou shalt see now whether it is of use or not," said Don Quixote; and so saying, he got up hastily and bade Sancho bridle Rocinante, who was browsing while they were eating.
And in the meantime Korak wandered slowly westward, coming upon the trail of Tantor, the elephant, whom he overtook browsing in the deep shade of the jungle.
No, but by browsing the shrubs and trees that grow out of the crevices of the rocks.
He launched his bark canoe and set me across the foot of the lake to the place where I had fastened my horse, and pointed out a spot where he might get a scanty browsing until the morning; when I returned and passed the night in the cabin of the hunter.
The milk-can told me the servants were all out; for, of course, Arthur, browsing about in his brown dressing-gown in a brown study, would not hear or answer a bell.
At my back was the forest, pruned and trimmed like the sward to parklike symmetry by the browsing of the ghoulish plant men.
I saw my sweet love placid as a young cow browsing.