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Efficacy of oral brush cytology in the evaluation of the oral premalignant and malignant lesions.
113) We recently showed a concordance rate of 61% between brushing and concurrent biopsy diagnosis, with biopsies having higher sensitivity (69%) and accuracy (80%) than bile duct brush cytology (42% and 69%, respectively) in detecting malignancy (18 of 30 on biopsy versus 8 of 30 on brushing).
It is of utmost importance to perform as much sampling of tissue from bronchial tree by combining procedures such as bronchial washings, bronchial brush cytology and cell block of bronchial washings to maximise the diagnostic yield.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the value of intraductal ultrasonography (IDUS), endoscopic brush cytology and K-ras, P53 gene mutation in the early diagnosis of malignant biliary stricture.
Delivery kits photopheresis, cervical plates to stabilize the spine, brush cytology - 3 packages (for a detailed description of range-quantitative object of the contract includes terms of reference).
If the lesion appears to be resectable on imaging, surgery should be considered rather than relying on minimally invasive investigations such as brush cytology, percutaneous fine-needle aspiration biospy (FNA) or endoscopic ultrasound-guided FNA, as these investigations are helpful only if positive for adenocarcinoma and have a very low negative predictive value.
1-5 It has been reported that recurrent pneumonia attacks may induce sufficient nuclear atypia to suggest malignancy in endobronchial brush cytology of this tumour.
The adjunctive techniques which I will discuss are toluidine blue, tissue fluorescence, tissue reflectance and brush cytology.
Brush cytology probes were taken from the noses of 194 male, nonsmoking customs officers twice a year (January and July) over a period of 5 years.
Conventional endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) brush cytology, for example, has a mere 30%-70% sensitivity for diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma.