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brush 1

a. An implement typically consisting of bristles fastened into a handle, used in scrubbing, polishing, grooming, or applying a liquid.
b. The act of using this implement.
a. A sweeping stroke of the hand, as in removing something.
b. A light touch in passing; a graze.
c. An instance of contact with something undesirable or dangerous: a brush with the law; a brush with death.
3. A bushy tail: the brush of a fox.
4. A sliding connection completing a circuit between a fixed and a moving conductor.
5. A snub; a brushoff.
v. brushed, brush·ing, brush·es
a. To clean, polish, or groom with a brush: brush one's teeth; brush the dog's coat.
b. To apply with a brush: brushed shellac onto the wood.
c. To remove with a brush or with sweeping strokes: brushed dirt from his pants.
2. To touch lightly in passing; graze against.
1. To use a brush.
2. To make sweeping strokes with the hand.
3. To touch something lightly in moving past.
Phrasal Verbs:
brush aside/off
To dismiss abruptly or curtly: brushed the matter aside; brushed an old friend off.
brush back Baseball
To force (a batter) to move away from the plate by throwing an inside pitch.
brush up
To refresh one's memory or renew one's skill regarding (something).

[Middle English brushe, twigs used as a broom or a brush to clean, painter's brush, from Old French brosse, brushwood, brush; see brush2.]

brush′er n.
brush′y adj.
Synonyms: brush1, glance1, graze2, shave, skim
These verbs mean to make light contact with something in passing: Her arm brushed mine. His fist glanced his opponent's chin. The keel grazed bottom in the shallow water. The front tire shaved the curb. The oars skimmed the pond's surface.

brush 2

a. Dense vegetation consisting of shrubs or small trees.
b. Land covered by such a growth.
2. Cut or broken branches.

[Middle English brushe, from Old French brosse, brushwood, from Vulgar Latin *bruscia, perhaps from Latin bruscum, knot on a maple.]

brush′y adj.
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Noun1.brushing - the act of brushing your teethbrushing - the act of brushing your teeth; "the dentist recommended two brushes a day"
dental care - care for the teeth
2.brushing - the act of brushing your hair; "he gave his hair a quick brush"
hair care, haircare, hairdressing - care for the hair: the activity of washing or cutting or curling or arranging the hair


n (dent, etc.) cepillado; bronchial — cepillado bronquial
References in classic literature ?
Just as I had got my white waistcoat on, Penelope presented herself at my toilet, on pretence of brushing what little hair I have got left, and improving the tie of my white cravat.
He had but partially consumed his kill when he suddenly became aware of a movement in the brush at no great distance from him and downwind, and a moment later his nostrils picked up the scent of Numa from the opposite direction, and then upon either side he caught the fall of padded feet and the brushing of bodies against leafy branches.
The fellow paused for a moment as though appraising the ape-man and then pushed on past the lions, brushing against the tawny hide as he passed him in the trail.
Oral-B debuted the Oral-B GENIUS intelligent brushing system.
Oral-B has unveiled Oral-B GENIUS, the first of its kind and Oral-B's most intelligent brushing system to date.
P&G) last month unveiled what the company is calling its "most intelligent" brushing system ever released, the Oral-B Genius power toothbrush.
com)-- The Toof-inger Brush[TM], a reimagined toothbrush, creates healthier brushing practices and tackles the main causes of gum recession.
1 Though there are various methods including chemical and other mechanical methods for plaque removal but tooth brushing is the widely accepted and primary method of removing plaque.
The child-style color illustration show young people eating a variety of foods and then brushing their teeth, emphasized by the easy reader text.
The Braun Oral brushes for kids make brushing fun with Disney designs of Tigger and Pooh.
Brush Activ employs a bi-directional movement for a well-structured brushing with inwards or outwards hair style.
IMAGINARY BRUSHING Our playful moves before painting are calisthenics to free the mind, the body, our hands and the brush within our hand.