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(ˈbjuːbəl) ,




(Animals) any of various antelopes, esp an extinct N African variety of hartebeest
[C15: from Latin būbalus African gazelle, from Greek boubalos, from Greek bous ox]
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We agreed all documents and sent them in due time, we did not expect that the controlling authorities would make additional inquiries," comments Viktor Molchanov, the import manager for "Buro perevozok," "Nevertheless, upon cargo arrival to the Sheremetyevo airport we were asked to provide documents confirming that the goods are made of the leather of domestic buffalo (bubalus bubalis domesticus).
89 million metric tonnes of beef India exported in 2012-2013 were derived largely from herds of the native water buffalo Bubalus bubalis.
Growth Curves and Genetic Parameters in Colombian Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis Artiodactyla, Bovidae).
Una noche el hechizo se rompio, por culpa de los bufalos: uno, grande y negro, estaba plantado en medio de la carretera y ella debio detener el coche en una maniobra de ultimo segundo para no estrellarse contra la masa de 800 kilogramos, el peso que alcanzan los machos adultos de la especie introducida en Cuba, bubalus bubalis o bufalo asiatico.
Estimation of genetic parameters for milk, fat, protein and mozzarrella cheese production for the italian river buffalo Bubalis bubalis population.
Caracteristicas fundamentales del Bubalus bubalis, Kerr 1792 (Mcdonald 2001, Schakelton et al.
During my course, I'd learned how to put a halter on a conventional cow, how to coax one into a cattle crush, and how to inject antibiotics and vitamins - but caring for Bubalus bubalis simply wasn't on the syllabus.