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n. also bubble gum
1. Chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles.
2. Slang A style of popular music designed to appeal to adolescents, characterized by bouncy rhythms and a generally cheerful tone.
adj. Slang
1. Of or characteristic of bubblegum music: bubblegum rock.
2. Marked by or displaying an adolescent immaturity, as in style or taste.


(ˈbʌb əlˌgʌm)

a type of chewing gum that can be blown into large bubbles through the lips.
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Psychedelic Bubble Gum: Boyce & Hart, The Monkees, and Turning Mayhem into Miracles provides more than your usual analysis of the studio rock group that became a bubblegum hit: it comes from a writer who not only co-created the sound played by The Monkees, but many of the classic hit songs before the group was even formed.
Bubblegum is black and feisty whereas candy is white, fluffy and cuddly.
covered make-up, bubblegum and put a But the relationship between an actor and their make-up folk can soon become quite fraught when they're both involved in a gruelling film schedule as "being made up" becomes only ever about continuity, where pressed powder and Elnett Hairspray reign supreme.
Wholesale ice cream manufacturer Suncream Dairies has launched a fun new Bubblegum ice cream which has been specially developed to appeal to children.
With the initial launch of the app, two premium editions will contain the original acoustic demo recording of all the songs from the Bubblegum and Bulldozer albums.
The 29-year-old Californian has sold more than 11 million albums and 81 million singles worldwide, proving her risque bubblegum pop to be in high demand on a global scale.
Bubblegum Princess by Julie Gribble is the first book to be published by the company and is said to be inspired by Kate Middleton and Prince Williams' fairytale romance and a real-life gum chewing incident at the Prince's Sandhurst passing-out ceremony in 2006.
BuBBleGum Pink Now the colder months have settled in, it seems right that burgundy, berry and plum would be the order of the day.
There's bubblegum pop by Kylie (I Should Be So Lucky), Jason Donovan (Too Many Broken Hearts), Rick Astley (Never Gonna Give You Up) and Bananarama (Love In The First Degree) but also the disco of Dead Or Alive's You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) and the smooth soul of Princess' Say I'm Your Number One.
According to the Star-Telegram, Justin Martinez, 30, created the recipe with bubblegum flavoured marshmallows rather than using gum itself.
Ludo's Bubble Corn which was chosen as a finalist as a miniature, retro-styled popcorn container filled with 60 grams of bubblegum and is the brain-child of Pearlman.
Bubblegum is the same fragrance as Lush's gorgeous Snow Fairy shower gel.