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(Clothing & Fashion) a variant spelling of boubou


or bu•bu

(ˈbu bu)

n., pl. -bous or -bus.
a long, loose-fitting, brightly colored garment worn by both sexes in parts of Africa.
[1960–65; < French < Malinke bubu]
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In her written statement, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PT Bubu Kreasi Perdana (bubu.
The Duru-Haitemba forest is under the management of the twelve villages that surround it--namely Ayasanda, Riroda, Sangara, Duru, Gesbert, Hoshan, Endanachan, Bubu, Gidas, Endadimet, Endamagay and Endagwe (Figure 2).
Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion has announced an investment of $364,000 into the Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku Aboriginal Corporation to drive economic and community development in Mossman Gorge.
Belete followed by Bubu, Gera, Gorebela, and Guasa had the highest specific gravity, dry matter and starch contents while the two farmers' cultivars had the lowest (Table 3 and 6).
Superbly performed by Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, Build Music draws upon the rich heritage of Bubu Music, a traditional form of folk music practiced by the Temne people of Sierra Leone.
They have performed together in England, Hungary and Spain and their three children Kate, Laci Junior and Bubu all followed them into the ring at an early age.
Sox the Raccoon, Bubu the Owl and Lumpy, Bumpy, Grumpy and Stumpy the tortoises.
DENVER -- Obstructive sleep apnea diagnosed later in life is associated with an increased likelihood of subsequent Alzheimer's disease, Omonigho Bubu, MD, reported at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.
Mugoro [12] indicated that tubers of the local cultivar Batte of farmers source was generally low in its yield and quality, whereas tubers of the released Bubu cultivar obtained from Kersa Local Seed Business Project and Haramaya University was superior in growth, yield, and quality to Batte.
Their seafood is always top quality," says Guard, who is the mastermind behind about a dozen Denver restaurants, including TAG Continental Social Food, Bubu and Los Chingones.
Fiz isso no documentario "A Casa dos Mortos", em que Bubu, Jaime, Antonio e Almerindo provocam as injusticas do regime de clausura pelo crime e pela loucura (24).
Empresario disciplinado y tenaz (aunque se derretia cuando sus nietos se dirigian a el como Bubu, apelativo que ha figurado en la esquela familiar), recibio, entre otros galardones, la Medalla de Oro al Merito en las Bellas Artes en 2009, de manos del Rey Juan Carlos y la medalla de Oro al Merito del Trabajo en 2013.