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The organisers, who call their trip "an extreme stag do for guys who want to make history", seems to be convinced that the trip will be the first ever buck's party group to reach the North Pole, an area visited by only 1000 people each year.
61) The phrase "Tim Buck's Party," first heard in 1937, made the leader a brand name.
NA, CSIS, PAF, TBF, 'D' Division, Report re "Communist Party of Canada Meeting -- Winnipeg, Manitoba," 26 April 1939; Morris, The Story of Tim Buck's Party, 9-11.
Then there was the lacy underwear left on a seat, in-flight lapdances on a buck's party trip, an older man carrying a life-size inflatable doll that he bought a seat for, and a frightening noise coming from the overhead locker that ended up being a vibrator.
Johnson's Buck's party was also held at a location in the Perth Hills away from prying eyes.
Melbourne, Oct 4 (ANI): The six Australian cops, who were seen by members of the public running around naked during a buck's party last year, have been allowed to return to their duties.