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adv. & adj. Chiefly Southern US
Without any clothes; nude.

[buck- (perhaps alteration of butt) + naked.]


informal US completely naked
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A group of buck-naked rowers, oars aloft, might do it though.
So one decided the only way to end his buck-naked sprint in West Melbourne, Florida, was to bare down with his Taser gun.
He was jogging buck-naked and didn't even have on shoes," said police commander Steve Wilkinson.
But it's usually my roommate, who is my best friend - she sees me buck-naked all the time.
Gay-sploitation" is what the filmmakers call this fun buck-naked Playgirl model-filled horror romp.
He would strip buck-naked, then twist his dangly bits into a variety of eye-watering shapes, allowing him to impersonate a man, a woman and - for his piece de resistance - a bulldog.
I spend my nights now dancing buck-naked around a Vonnegut blaze of ICU textbooks.
It kind of made it all the more sleazier because of the 1950s furniture but we had a really good working relationship and we did choreograph it ( more for Peter, because he's buck-naked.
So it seems fair to ask: Where does the buck stop when buck-naked Iraqi prisoners held in U.
Asked by a sheriff's deputy of Peter Kreyling, whom residents of Grand View Avenue in Rappahannock County, Virginia, spied riding a Harley Davidson buck-naked, but for a pair of boots.
Now numbering more than 1,000, the buck-naked beach bums are popping up at coastal sites across the nation.
Shivering at the memory, he said: "On my very first morning on set, in my very first shot, in fact, I was buck-naked - and England is a very cold country.