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n. Informal
The shifting of responsibility or blame to another: "smothered in avalanches of recriminations and orgies of buck-passing" (Forbes).

[buck (from a poker player's passing the marker, or buck, to the next player when not wanting to deal).]

buck′-pass′er n.
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Buck-passing would trigger the mother of all backlashes and be ruinous for an operator haemorrhaging trust.
Some members of this family, I agree, are unsavoury but to blame immigrants for all this country's ills is buck-passing.
We haven't got the time or energy to discuss the scheming, buck-passing, misleading and plain ignorance that has got FIFA in this mess in the first place.
All these problems--data leakage, buck-passing, inadequate interagency consultation and data sharing, will all be greatly facilitated by the mismatch of CRC geographical areas and those of other agencies, including local authority social services, police and notably the NPS.
Yang Zhanqing, who has worked for a non-governmental organization in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, for the past four years, said he has witnessed progress in information disclosure but he still feels frustrated by buck-passing by some government departments.
It's time to end the buck-passing and blame game, where college leaders blame high schools for sending ill-prepared students, high school principals blame the elementary schools, elementary school principals blame the preschool programs, and preschool teachers blame the parents.
The Inverness skipper blames buck-passing and constant upheaval for a spate of troubles last term.
There is something very wrong with a country when it cannot rescue some of its citizens from a 10-by-25 metre section of rubble in a shopping mall because of incompetence, paperwork, buck-passing, insurance costs, labour regulations and lack of inspiration.
And if they get a sorry from David Cameron it will be another buck-passing excuse that "it will be looked into".
I would like to see cool heads and a bit of calm reflection about how to deal with this problem rather than endlessly buck-passing and name-calling.
I believe it is totally unreasonable that the MoD should continue to hide behind a smokescreen of bureaucratic buck-passing and I will not rest until the Department -and Ministers - face up to their responsibilities.
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg called al-Megrahi's release a "picture of cynicism and buck-passing.