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With the benefit of a recent pipe-opener under his belt, Mountain High should prove far too classy in the Bovis Homes Buckhound Stakes (1.
We'll be looking to start him off early next month in either the Jockey Club Cup or Buckhound Stakes.
UAE Prince failed to rule the roost in the Buckhounds Stakes at Ascot.
More used to giving out Ascot prizes than receiving them are the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, whose Carntop contests the Listed Carey Group Buckhounds Stakes.
On Ascot's Victoria Cup undercard WILD HACKED is progressing at a rate of knots and is well worth his place in the line-up for the Listed Buckhounds Stakes (2.
50) can take his next step up the ladder in the Buckhounds.
the member of a hunt who is designated to supervise the kennels and hunting arrangements, as master of beagles, master of buckhounds, master of foxhounds, master of harriers, etc.
ASCOT ARMY: Elite Army ridden by Liverpool FC fan William Buick beats Scotland and Jim Crowley to win the Carey Group Buckhounds Stakes at Ascot Racecourse yesterday.
Elite Army added his name to a Hardwicke Stakes bulging with top recruits by confirming his liking for the course with a triumph in the Carey Group Buckhounds Stakes.
Looking up "Wodde" in appendix 5, "Biographical Sketches," reveals he was George Wood, Sergeant of the Buckhounds, who answered to the Master of the Buckhounds under the supervision of the Master of the Horse in the Queen's Household (appendix 3, "Offices and Occupations").
Area FifTy one should be given ANOTHER chance aT LisTed level in The Carey Group Buckhounds STAKES.