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n. pl. buck·oes or buck·os
1. A blustering or bossy person.
2. Irish A young man; a lad.

[Alteration of buck.]


n, pl -oes
Irish a lively young fellow: often a term of address


(ˈbʌk oʊ)

n., pl. buck•oes.
1. Irish Eng. young fellow; chap.
2. Brit. Slang. a swaggering fellow.
References in classic literature ?
Worse, a myriad times, he decided, were these bullying lawyers and this bullying judge then the bucko mates in first quality hell-ships, who not only did their own bullying but protected themselves as well.
Where some may see the emergence of nones as a narrative of religious decline, Bucko and McEntee see a process of renewal.
Because, as Evans had been with Bucko all evening, it could not have been him.
Then the Bucko said: "The truth, you pup - or I will crucify you.
Through a rich series of detailed personal accounts about the meaning and practice of the sweat lodge, Bucko is able to establish in real life terms how ritual is a series of contentions over the right to determine and regulate tradition.
The center is a place where veterans are treated with the respect and dignity they earned while proudly serving our country," Bucko said.
Wheeling drew within 2 on a Phil Bucko 3-pointer but could get not closer against Hersey's junior-laden lineup.
An investigation by ECCC led to charges that, in April and May of 2014, CaNickel Mining Limited deposited effluent, which contained radium-226 and nickel in excess of authorized limits, from Bucko Lake Mine into Bucko Lake.
Bucko wants to retain the President's Cup having won the inaugural one last season and said: "It'd be nice to have the trophy in the cabinet and we'll put out a competitive team to try and win it.
Nice to see ECHO columnist Mr Bucko (see above) saying last week he'd like the city to honour Doddy by renaming Lime Street Station.
For Adam Bucko and Matthew Fox, the Occupy movement is just an instance of a revolution that is happening, and must happen, across the board: a dialogue of openness to the genuine needs and insights of the people.
We believe that the strategic investment announced today between Crowflight and Pala Investments will ensure the long term viability of the Bucko Mine.