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A prominent, projecting upper front tooth.

[buck + tooth.]

buck′toothed′ (-to͞otht′) adj.


n, pl -teeth
derogatory a projecting upper front tooth
[C18: from buck1 (deer) + tooth]
ˈbuck-toothed adj



n., pl. -teeth (-ˈtiθ)
a projecting tooth, esp. an upper front tooth.
buck′toothed`, adj.
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Noun1.bucktooth - a large projecting front toothbucktooth - a large projecting front tooth  
anterior, front tooth - a tooth situated at the front of the mouth; "his malocclusion was caused by malposed anteriors"


n (pl -teeth) diente salido
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Sir Ken Dodd, master of tickling sticks, Diddy Men and tattifilarious comedy, reduced fans to helplessness with his bucktoothed grin, a shake of the through-a-hedge-backwards hair and a cry of "How tickled I am".
Called the 'Cradle of Humanity,' it shows various types of cave dwellers " hairy, bucktoothed and wide-eyed " with information on their transformation from apelike to more recognisably human.
Knock-kneed, bucktoothed, I stand with a small golf bag slung
8) Yet almost none of these issues actually appear in the original story, which merely remarks on the fact that Jane was unlikely to marry because she was 'horse-faced and bucktoothed, flat-chested and straight-haired', and later says of the space program that they searched for women 'above average mentally, and stable emotionally'.
If it shattered the Filipinos' caricatured view of the Japanese as meek, bucktoothed, bespectacled creatures, it also demolished the myth of Gen.
The capital's cabbie brotherhood have banned him from their network, old Penelope remains his bit on the side, not his wife - and Mellor increasingly resembles a bucktoothed and startled hedgehog.
They also found mammals that glided from trees (the Mesozoic equivalent of a flying squirrel), a classic transitional form of flying reptile called a pterosaur and even a weird little bucktoothed dinosaur," Hone said.
section of the site, children click on a picture of a bucktoothed rabbit, who says in his biography that he likes listening to hip-hop and rock.
As soon as I say I'm from Texas, people say, "Oh, I'm sure the school was horrible," and they picture me wearing some barrel and suspenders and people are bucktoothed and ignoring me.
Oh how I wish that Ron Harris had been in the Chelsea team when that vile little bucktoothed vampire Luis Suarez sank his gnashers into Branislav Ivanovic.
The most offensive by today's standards was Chop Chop, a bucktoothed coolie cook, though he did evolve into a dashing hero with his own plane.