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Noun1.budget cut - the act of reducing budgeted expendituresbudget cut - the act of reducing budgeted expenditures
cut - the act of reducing the amount or number; "the mayor proposed extensive cuts in the city budget"
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AP) -- Vermont State Colleges Chancellor Tim Donovan says a 4-percent budget cut being sought by the Shumlin administration will mean job losses on the system's campuses.
ISLAMABAD -- 3 major hospitals of federal capital have been exempted from 30 percent budget cut.
In a report by the Sydney Morning Herald, CSIRO has said it is preparing for an impending budget cut of 20 per cent.
POLICE forces have been hit "where it hurts" following a budget cut of around 2%, it has been claimed.
The CR also included an additional across-the-board budget cut of 0.
My own experience in government long ago taught me what I call the "Firemen First" principle, meaning that an agency, faced with a budget cut, will quickly announce that those cuts will result in the loss of its most essential service--firemen, for example--while the excess bureaucrats at the headquarters go unmentioned.
Dan Huberty, R-Houston, decided to canvass the state's 1,000-plus school districts after he heard that one superintendent in his area had laid off several teachers and then rehired them once final state budget cut numbers came out.
The service was passed a 20% budget cut by Newcastle Council.
COUNCILS across Scotland are facing a budget cut of up to 9.
The proposed budget cut will affect 10 regional libraries and the headquarters library, which operate on a budget of $3.
Under threat of a $110 million higher ed budget cut, they held a series of press conferences across the state to fight back.
There's no way that you can take that amount of a budget cut and continue doing the things that you've done in the past.