buffalo chip

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Noun1.buffalo chip - a piece of dried bovine dung
droppings, dung, muck - fecal matter of animals
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GEICO revved up its sponsorship involvement by serving as the exclusive insurance partner of Buffalo Chip and the City of Sturgis, S.
8226; The Sturgis Buffalo Chip for their Crossroads Venue.
In Cave Creek, a town north of Phoenix, I found the Buffalo Chip bar, where every Wednesday and Friday professional and amateurs come to ride bulls - not for the benefit of tourists or travel journalists.
Also, to ensure that the large crowd at Sturgis' Buffalo Chip Campground and the nearby concert grounds enjoy access to accelerated mobile data speeds and simultaneous voice and data capabilities, the company has deployed temporary wireless network capacity through a COW (Cell on Wheels).
According to Mike Sanborn of the Buffalo Chip Campground, which hosted the event, Tyler was on a catwalk when he fell backwards onto a couple of fans.
Mike Stanton, of the Buffalo Chip Campground, which hosted the gig, said: "He was good natured about it.
The Rocker was taken backstage to be evaluated by medical personnel, and was then taken to the nearby hospital, according to Mike Sanborn, spokesman for the Buffalo Chip Campground, which hosted the outdoor concert.
As the buffalo herds diminished and weather took its toll, and as Texas cattle herds began moving north, the buffalo chip was replaced by the longhorn chip.
A pair of motorcyclists pause at a field of more than 2,000 US flags honoring the military dead from Iraq and Afghanistan, at the 440-acre Buffalo Chip campground, near Sturgis, South Dakota, during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
Baldy bullets are fabricated the old fashioned way (minus the buffalo chip campfire of course), each one is professionally hand cast and sorted for accuracy producing consistency.
Be on the lookout for a very special unveiling taking place at the Buffalo Chip Campground on August 6.
It's about freedom, adventure and character- if you love America, you'll love this show- and teaming with Rod Woodruff and The Legendary Buffalo Chip instantly makes The Great Ride a top shelf production.