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A small North American diving duck (Bucephala albeola) having black and white plumage and a densely feathered, rounded head. Also called butterball.

[Obsolete buffle, buffalo (from French, from Late Latin būfalus; see buffalo) + head.]


(Animals) a small North American diving duck, Bucephala (or Glaucionetta) albeola: the male has black-and-white plumage and a fluffy head. Also called: butterball
[C17 buffle from obsolete buffle wild ox (see buff1), referring to the duck's head]


(ˈbʌf əlˌhɛd)

a small North American duck, Bucephala albeola, the male of which has a large head with bushy plumage.
[1855–60, Amer.; buffle (see buff1) + head;]
buf′fle•head`ed, adj.
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Noun1.bufflehead - small North American diving duckbufflehead - small North American diving duck; males have bushy head plumage
duck - small wild or domesticated web-footed broad-billed swimming bird usually having a depressed body and short legs
Bucephala, genus Bucephala - buffleheads and goldeneyes
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When 1 hunted with Paul in early January, we targeted goldeneye and bufflehead because they were the most abundant species in the area.
Redhead Ay thy a americana Ring-necked Duck Aythya collaris Canvasback Aythya valisineria Lesser Scaup Aythya afpnis Bufflehead Bucephala albeola Ruddy Duck Oxyura jamaicensis Eared Grebe Podiceps nigricollis Clark's Grebe Aechmophorus clarkii Double-crested Cormorant Phalacrocorax auritus American White Pelican Pelecanus erythrarhynchos Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis White-faced Ibis Plegadis chihi American Coot Fulica americana Sandhill Crane Grus canadensis Killdeer Charadrius vociferans Semipalmated Plover Charadrius semipalmatus Black-necked Stilt Himantopus mexicanus American Avocet Recurvirostra americana Solitary Sandpiper Tringa solitaria Spotted Sandpiper Actitis mandarins Long-billed Curlew Numenius americanus Generic sandpiper Calidris sp.
fusca Bufflehead 397 258 Bucephala albeola Goldeneye 887 577 (unidentified) * Common Goldeneye 863 5% 561 Bucephala clangula Barrow's Goldeneye 910 592 B.
A key part of the Pacific Flyway, the bay is home to 281 species of resident and migrating birds, among them the western sandpiper, the bufflehead, and the great blue heron.
Invertebrate Community Structure in Relation to the Foraging Ecology of Mallard and Bufflehead Ducklings in Western Canada.
The agency has also gunned down the brown-headed cowbird, boat-tailed grackle, common raven, American crow, fish crow and waterfowl and wading birds that relish the coastal wetlands neighboring Kennedy, such as the wood duck, bufflehead, American wigeon, semipalmated plover, sanderling, least sandpiper, black-crowned night heron, great egret and cattle egret, according to Port Authority records.
Closer to home, belated news came of a tiny American duck, a female Bufflehead, on the sea off Llanfairfechan on November 21.
The six-episode series features chefs as they prepare meals ranging from bufflehead duck in interior British Columbia all the way to lobster in Prince Edward Island.
We've seen a red-backed sandpiper, a bufflehead, an old-squaw, and now this.
Some species, such as Bufflehead (Bucephala albeola), Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula), Lesser Scaup (Athya affinis), and Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis) have diets that are almost exclusively macroinvertebrates throughout their entire lives (Hoppe and others 1986; Bendell and McNicol 1995; Thompson and Ankney 2002), while others like American Widgeon (Anas americana) consume mostly vegetation during adulthood (Wishart 1983; Knapton and Pauls 1994).