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n. pl. buf·fi (-fē) or buf·fos
A man who sings comic opera roles.

[Italian, from buffare, to puff, of imitative origin.]


(ˈbʊfəʊ; Italian ˈbuffo)
n, pl -fi (-fɪ) or -fos
1. (Music, other) (in Italian opera of the 18th century) a comic part, esp one for a bass
2. (Professions) Also called: buffo bass or basso buffo a bass singer who performs such a part
[C18: from Italian (adj): comic, from buffo (n) buffoon]


(ˈbu foʊ)

n., pl. -fi (-fē), -fos.
a male opera singer specializing in comic roles.
[1755–65; < Italian buffone buffoon]
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