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 (byo͞o′fə-tĕn′ēn, -ĭn) or bu·fo·ten·in (-ĭn)
A toxic hallucinogenic alkaloid, C12H16N2O, obtained from the skin glands of toads of the genus Bufo or from some mushrooms.

[French bufoténine : Latin būfō, toad + probably Latin tenēre, to hold (because of its paralyzing effect); see ten- in Indo-European roots + French -ine, -ine; see -ine2.]


a tryptamine alkaloid with hallucinogenic properties, found in the skin of some species of toad and in some mushrooms and tropical shrubs
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A preliminary chemical analysis, (GC/MS and TLC) of the material used in these experiments yielded mostly 5-MeO-DMT as the principal alkaloid, with no detectable bufotenin (P.
Some infernal ingredients, such as frog's tongue, with the secretion of bufotenin in various frogs and toads, to calf's snout (Antirrhinon orontium) continued to be used in "witchcraft," as explored further below.