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bug·ger 1

 (bŭg′ər, bo͝og′-)
1. Vulgar Slang A sodomite.
2. Slang A contemptible or disreputable person.
3. Slang A fellow; a chap: "He's a silly little bugger, then" (John le Carré).
v. bug·gered, bug·ger·ing, bug·gers Vulgar Slang
To practice sodomy.
1. To practice sodomy with.
2. To damn.
Phrasal Verb:
bugger off
Chiefly British Slang To leave someone alone; go away.

[Middle English bougre, heretic, from Old French boulgre, from Medieval Latin Bulgarus; see Bulgar.]

bug·ger 2

One who installs electronic bugs.


1. a person who practises buggery
2. slang a person or thing considered to be contemptible, unpleasant, or difficult
3. slang a humorous or affectionate term for a man or child: a silly old bugger; a friendly little bugger.
4. bugger all slang nothing
5. play silly buggers slang to fool around and waste time
6. to practise buggery (with)
7. (tr) slang chiefly Brit to ruin, complicate, or frustrate
8. (tr) slang to tire; weary
slang an exclamation of annoyance or disappointment
[C16: from Old French bougre, from Medieval Latin Bulgarus Bulgarian; from the condemnation of the dualist heresy rife in Bulgaria from the tenth century to the fifteenth]


(ˈbʌg ər, ˈbʊg-)
1. Informal. a fellow or lad (used affectionately or abusively): a cute little bugger.
2. Informal. any object or thing.
3. Chiefly Brit. Slang: Usu. Vulgar. a sodomite.
4. Chiefly Brit. Slang.
a. a despicable or contemptible person, esp. a man.
b. an annoying or troublesome thing.
5. Chiefly Brit. Slang: Usu. Vulgar. to sodomize.
6. Slang. to damn.
7. Chiefly Brit. Slang. to cause problems for, esp. by tricking or deceiving.
8. bugger off, Chiefly Brit. Slang. bug 1 (def. 11).
[1300–50; Middle English bougre < Anglo-French bugre < Medieval Latin Bulgarus heretic, literally, Bulgarian, by association of the Balkans with heretical sects and their alleged sexual practices]


(ˈbʌg ər)
a person who installs electronic eavesdropping devices.


Past participle: buggered
Gerund: buggering

I bugger
you bugger
he/she/it buggers
we bugger
you bugger
they bugger
I buggered
you buggered
he/she/it buggered
we buggered
you buggered
they buggered
Present Continuous
I am buggering
you are buggering
he/she/it is buggering
we are buggering
you are buggering
they are buggering
Present Perfect
I have buggered
you have buggered
he/she/it has buggered
we have buggered
you have buggered
they have buggered
Past Continuous
I was buggering
you were buggering
he/she/it was buggering
we were buggering
you were buggering
they were buggering
Past Perfect
I had buggered
you had buggered
he/she/it had buggered
we had buggered
you had buggered
they had buggered
I will bugger
you will bugger
he/she/it will bugger
we will bugger
you will bugger
they will bugger
Future Perfect
I will have buggered
you will have buggered
he/she/it will have buggered
we will have buggered
you will have buggered
they will have buggered
Future Continuous
I will be buggering
you will be buggering
he/she/it will be buggering
we will be buggering
you will be buggering
they will be buggering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been buggering
you have been buggering
he/she/it has been buggering
we have been buggering
you have been buggering
they have been buggering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been buggering
you will have been buggering
he/she/it will have been buggering
we will have been buggering
you will have been buggering
they will have been buggering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been buggering
you had been buggering
he/she/it had been buggering
we had been buggering
you had been buggering
they had been buggering
I would bugger
you would bugger
he/she/it would bugger
we would bugger
you would bugger
they would bugger
Past Conditional
I would have buggered
you would have buggered
he/she/it would have buggered
we would have buggered
you would have buggered
they would have buggered
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.bugger - someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)
degenerate, deviant, deviate, pervert - a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior
Verb1.bugger - practice anal sex upon
copulate, mate, couple, pair - engage in sexual intercourse; "Birds mate in the Spring"
diggariharrastaa anaaliseksiähittohomekorvakamu


A. N
1. (Jur) → sodomita mf
2. (Brit) (= person) → hijo/a m/f de puta, gilipollas mf (Sp)
he's a lucky bugger!¡qué suerte tiene el cabrón!
that silly buggerese cabrón, ese gilipollas (Sp)
some poor buggeralgún desgraciado
I don't give a bugger!¡me importa un carajo!
don't play silly buggers!¡deja de hacer pendejadas!, ¡no des el coñazo! (Sp)
3. (Brit) (= nuisance, annoyance) it's a buggeres jodidísimo
B. EXCL (Brit) bugger (it or me)!¡mierda!
1. (Jur) → cometer sodomía con
2. (Brit) (well) I'll be buggered!¡no me jodas!
lawyers be buggered!¡que se jodan los abogados!
I'll be buggered if I willpaso de hacerlo ¡qué coño!
bugger about bugger around (Brit)
A. VT + ADV to bugger sb aboutjoder a algn
B. VI + ADVhacer pendejadas, hacer el gilipollas (Sp)
bugger off (Brit) VI + ADVlargarse
bugger off!¡vete a la mierda!, ¡vete a tomar por culo! (Sp) , ¡chinga tu madre! (Mex)
bugger up (Brit) VT + ADV to bugger sth upjoder algo


nsalaud m , connard m
excl (British)merde!
vt (British)
bugger it! → merde!
bugger me! → merde alors!
bugger off
bugger off! → tire-toi! bugger all bugger-all [ˌbʌgərˈɔːl] pron (British)que dalle


n (inf)Scheißkerl m (inf), → Arschloch nt (vulg); (when not contemptible) → Kerl m (inf); (= thing)Scheißding nt (inf); this nail’s a bugger, it won’t come outdieser Scheißnagel geht einfach nicht raus (inf); you lucky bugger!du hast vielleicht ein Schwein! (inf); to play silly buggers (Brit inf) → Scheiß machen (sl)
interj (Brit inf) → Scheiße (inf); bugger (it)!Scheiße! (inf); bugger this car!dieses Scheißauto (inf); bugger the cost!ich scheiß auf die Kosten! (sl); bugger himdieser Scheißkerl (inf); (= he can get lost)der kann mich mal (inf); bugger me! (surprise) → (du) meine Fresse! (sl); (annoyance) → so’n Scheiß! (inf)
(lit)anal verkehren mit
(Brit, sl) → versauen (sl)


1. n
a. (Law) → sodomita m
b. (fam!) → stronzo (fam!)
you stupid bugger! → stronzo!
poor little bugger! (child) → povera bestia!
2. excl (fam!) bugger (it)!merda! (fam!)
3. adv (fam!) bugger allun cazzo (fam!)
I know bugger all about it → non ne so un cazzo
4. vt (fam!) (also bugger up) → mandare a puttane or in vacca (fam!)
bugger about bugger around
1. vi + adv (Brit) (fam!) → non fare un cazzo (fam!)
2. vt to bugger sb about or aroundrompere le palle a qn (fam!)
bugger off vi + adv (Brit) (fam!) → togliersi dalle palle (fam!)
why don't you bugger off and leave me in peace? → perché non ti togli dalle palle e mi lasci in pace?
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Her dentures out, and sucking on a Minto, she'd read the News Of The World, a copy of which would last her all week, muttering under her breath, 'Well, well, well, the dirty buggers.
Buzzers, Snatchers, Zonkers and Woolly Buggers all took fish with a slow figure-of-eight retrieve or wind-blown swing.
Bugger booted me off without even a 30[pounds sterling] bottle of Asda "vintage champagne".
Tips for safari success are naturally scattered throughout, such as the importance of sighting one's gun after any plane flight ("Who knows what bugger dropped your case on the runway?
The bugger war is over but peace is interrupted when the young soldiers of the Batrtle School are abducted.
This one was $30 at release, so I'm glad I didn't lose the bugger completely.
Years later, when he first touched me on the path in starlight, his breath on my neck, I should have said, sod, bloody, bugger into his freckled ear softly.
Once the insect has stopped moving and died, there is no emergency in getting the bugger out of the child's ear.
It's a cheeky little aggressive bugger, vain but beautiful.
A plumber's idea of Cleopatra (WC Fields about Mae West); You know I can't stand Shakespeare's plays but yours are even worse (Leo Tolstoy to Anton Chekhov); Bugger Bognor (George V); Women should be obscene and not heard (Groucho Marx).
He added: "I am sure he said it's a bit of a rattly old bugger - but for a Jet Ranger that is not an abnormal expression.
The little bugger found his way inside my pant leg and got me behind the knee.