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bug·gy 1

n. pl. bug·gies
1. A small, light, one-horse carriage usually having four wheels in the United States and two wheels in Great Britain.
2. A baby carriage.
3. A passenger or recreational vehicle, usually with oversized tires, designed for off-road use.
4. Informal An automobile.
5. Chiefly Southern US A shopping cart, especially for groceries.

[Origin unknown.]

bug·gy 2

adj. bug·gi·er, bug·gi·est
1. Infested with bugs.
2. Computers Having many software bugs: a buggy program.
3. Slang Crazy.

bug′gi·ness n.
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Noun1.bugginess - the state of having bugs
defectiveness, faultiness - the state of being defective
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We did however encounter some bugginess during our time in Vegas, with the laptop rebooting randomly and freezing without notice.
intrinsic bugginess is an emergent property of its complexity and has
Apparently, Ashton-Tate's top management -- not just Esber -- feels the next release of dBase IV should ship soon despite a fair amount of residual bugginess ("but better than the industry average," according to marketing (vice-president Joe Brilando).