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Noun1.bugle call - a signal broadcast by the sound of a bugle
signal, signaling, sign - any nonverbal action or gesture that encodes a message; "signals from the boat suddenly stopped"
recall - a bugle call that signals troops to return
taps, lights-out - (military) signal to turn the lights out
reveille, wake-up signal - (military) signal to wake up
retreat - (military) a bugle call signaling the lowering of the flag at sunset
tattoo - a drumbeat or bugle call that signals the military to return to their quarters
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The Abbe Sicard sleeps here--the first great teacher of the deaf and dumb--a man whose heart went out to every unfortunate, and whose life was given to kindly offices in their service; and not far off, in repose and peace at last, lies Marshal Ney, whose stormy spirit knew no music like the bugle call to arms.
The introduction features a bugle call that Tchaikovsky overheard from his hotel played by an Italian cavalry regiment.
What is the first traditional daily bugle call played in the British Army?
And when the haunting Last Post bugle call was sounded it signalled not just the end of a man's funeral, it signalled the end of a gladdening, heartening episode in modern Welsh life.
The powerful bugle call, at the Menin Gate memorial in Ypres last night, was dedicated to the Welsh men who in Flanders during the First World War.
As Gordon approached at the head of these men with 'his chin drooped to his breast, downhearted and dejected in appearance,' Chamberlain gave a brief order, and a bugle call rang out.
A bugle call was sounded on the arrival of Crown Prince at the Official Jetty.
2014, a bright bronze bugle call, Echoes of clarions disturb the churchyard wall, In honour of village men Whose names and dates are carved on the monument stone, For black thunder cannons made them die alone, When they were young.
Fearless he rose to the bugle call, He never once dismayed, Though shot and shell around him fell, He never was once afraid.
When pathogens such as viruses or bacteria invade our body, the immune system reacts by producing a flurry of chemical signals, known as chemokines, that act as a bugle call recruiting specialized defender cells to the scene, such as macrophages, which devour the intruders.
and for "Taps," the official bugle call for a military funeral, to be played.
Sydney, May 2 ( ANI ): Australian chairman of selectors John Inverarity has sent a bugle call for leaders of the next generation to step forward and showcase their credentials for the role of following Test captain Michael Clarke, ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy squad.