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bu·gle 1

1. Music A brass instrument somewhat shorter than a trumpet and lacking keys or valves.
2. The loud resonant call of an animal, especially a male elk during rutting season.
intr.v. bu·gled, bu·gling, bu·gles
1. Music To sound a bugle.
2. To produce a loud resonant call, as of a rutting male elk.

[Middle English, wild ox, hunting horn made from the horn of a wild ox, from Old French, steer, from Latin būculus, diminutive of bōs, ox; see gwou- in Indo-European roots.]

bu′gler n.

bu·gle 2

A tubular glass or plastic bead that is used to trim clothing.

[Origin unknown.]

bu·gle 3

Any of several creeping Old World herbs of the genus Ajuga in the mint family, having opposite leaves, square stems, and terminal spikes of purplish to white flowers. Also called bugleweed.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin būgula (perhaps influenced by būglōssa, bugloss), from Latin būgillō.]
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Noun1.bugler - someone who plays a buglebugler - someone who plays a bugle    
cornetist, trumpeter - a musician who plays the trumpet or cornet
بوّاق، نافخ في البوق


[ˈbjuːgləʳ] Ncorneta mf


[ˈbjuːglər] n(joueur m de) clairon m


nHornist m


[ˈbjuːgləʳ] ntrombettiere m


(ˈbjuːgl) noun
a musical wind instrument usually made of brass, used chiefly for military signals. He plays the bugle.
ˈbugler noun
References in classic literature ?
and she wanted to be bugler, but they elected her Lieutenant-General and Bugler.
Every face, from Denisov's to that of the bugler, showed one common expression of conflict, irritation, and excitement, around chin and mouth.
The commander speaks to his bugler, who claps his instrument to his lips.
20pm - the exact time the 1950s plane crashed on the A27 - two buglers from Surrey and Sussex Drum and Bugle Corps sounded the Last Post before silence fell.
Bugler was sent off in last weekend's victory over Dublin (right) for an 'attepmt to kick' and, though the Banner appealed the dismissal, the CHC found that "evidence provided was not sufficiently compelling to rebut the referee's report.
Guests and members of Friends of Honley Library at the society's World War One commemoration with bugler Sam Teale (centre)
Emerging from a difficult few years the business last year posted a nominal loss of PS10,000, but Bugler forecasts the business will return to profit this year.
But at the Cenotaph in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, wreaths were laid as soon as the bugler finished playing Last Post.
Bugler - Reveille; Hymn - O God our Help in Ages Past; Act of Commitment; The Lord's Prayer; Blessing; Wreath Laying; March Past.
Gerald Creed, managing director of Bugler Coaches, said: "We were deeply shocked when we heard of this incident and once we had established what had happened, Mr Hill was immediately dismissed as we did not want him driving one of our buses ever again.
Bugler has more than 30 years' experience in sales, commercial and marketing roles for fmeg companies including Kerry Foods, Cadbury's, Kraft, Haagen-Dazs and Burton's Foods.
Then, Gwyneth Edwards recalls the lone bugler playing the Last Post.