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See damson.

[Middle English bolas, from Anglo-Norman bullace, from Medieval Latin bolluca.]


(Plants) a small Eurasian rosaceous tree, Prunus domestica insititia (or P. insititia), of which the damson is the cultivated form. See also plum11
[C14: from Old French beloce, from Medieval Latin bolluca, perhaps of Gaulish origin]


(ˈbʊl ɪs)

1. the damson.
2. the muscadine.
[1300–50; Middle English bolaz < Old French buloce, ultimately of pre-Latin orig.]
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Noun1.bullace - small wild or half-domesticated Eurasian plum bearing small ovoid fruit in clusters
plum, plum tree - any of several trees producing edible oval fruit having a smooth skin and a single hard stone
damson plum tree, Prunus domestica insititia, damson plum - plum tree long cultivated for its edible fruit
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We grazed on blackberries and bullaces (wild plums), nettles and nuts, trying to take in as much of John's wisdom as possible - in case we ever end up in one of those awkward Robinson Crusoe situations.
Now's the time to go gathering in the wild too; you'd be surprised how many wild plum trees there are, from the delicious sweet Mirabelle-type yellow plums, to the pale green bullaces.