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A public spectacle, performed especially in Spain, Portugal, and parts of Latin America, in which a fighting bull is engaged in a series of traditional maneuvers culminating usually with the ceremonial execution of the bull by sword. In Portugal the bull is often fought from horseback and is not killed.

bull′fight′er n.
bull′fight′ing n.


(Bullfighting) a traditional Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American spectacle in which a matador, assisted by banderilleros and mounted picadors, baits and usually kills a bull in an arena
ˈbullˌfighter n
ˈbullˌfighting n



a traditional Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin American spectacle in which a bull is fought in a prescribed way by a matador, assisted by banderilleros and picadors, and is usu. killed with a sword.
bull′fight`er, n.
bull′fight`ing, n.
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Noun1.bullfight - a Spanish or Portuguese or Latin American spectaclebullfight - a Spanish or Portuguese or Latin American spectacle; a matador baits and (usually) kills a bull in an arena before many spectators
novillada - a bullfight in which the bulls are less than four years old
spectacle - an elaborate and remarkable display on a lavish scale
مُصارَعَةُ ثيران
býčí zápas
býčí zápas
boğa güreşi


[ˈbʊlfaɪt] Ncorrida f (de toros)


[ˈbʊlfaɪt] ncorrida f, course f de taureaux


[ˈbʊlˌfaɪt] ncorrida


(bul) noun
1. the male of the ox family and of the whale, walrus, elephant etc.
2. a bull's-eye.
ˈbullock (-lək) noun
1. a young bull.
2. a castrated bull, an ox, often used to pull bullock carts.
ˈbullfight noun
in Spain etc a fight between a bull and men on horseback and on foot.
ˈbullfighter noun
ˈbullring noun
the enclosed area where a bullfight takes place.
ˈbull's-eye noun
the centre of a target, especially in archery, darts etc.
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Then, in the video, fellow bullfighters are seen coming to Macias' rescue; they hold his throat up with a visible puncture wound.
The law also limits to three the number of animals that bullfighters can spar with, for a maximum duration of ten minutes per bull.
He once said: "I had always felt a great admiration for bullfighters "and the festival, but I was ashamed to say I wanted to be a bullfighter and a hero, as I saw them.
It centres on the love triangle between Manolo (Luna), a matador from a long line of bullfighters, heroic warrior Joaquin (Tatum) and Maria (Saldana), a rebellious woman who rails against convention.
This note explores some of the historical events related to bulls, bullfights, and bullfighters from the fiesta fictionalized in The Sun Also Rises.
Written by a husband-and-wife team of local journalists, this is a biography of Ted DeGrazia, a mid-20th century painter whose commercially popular work often featured bullfighters or Native American stereotypes in a naive style.
When we heard about women bullfighters, and we heard that Cristina Sanchez was retiring, we were in San Francisco, and so we were far away from our own culture, and I think that really caught our attention, like wow.
Three of the country's top bullfighters, including No1 Jose Tomas, appeared in the sold-out show at Barcelona's Monumental ring.
Hemingway befriended some bullfighters, who trusted him enough to let him into their room to witness the ritual of dressing in the matador's "traje de luces" (suit of lights).
During the festival, the novice bullfighters enter the ring without any protective gear to take on the animals in this 150-year-old Colombian tradition.
There was never a strong tradition of bullfighting there anyway, they do not breed bulls and no bullfighters come from the region.
A girl''s name, a pass made by a bullfighters cape and a Dutch radio station.