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Extremely or irrationally stubborn; headstrong. See Synonyms at obstinate.

bull′head′ed·ly adv.
bull′head′ed·ness n.


(ˈbʊlˌhɛd ɪd)

unreasonably or stupidly obstinate.
bull′head`ed•ly, adv.
bull′head`ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.bullheaded - obstinate and stupid
obstinate, stubborn, unregenerate - tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield


References in classic literature ?
I always tell our people that they are too bullheaded.
His conflicted, insecure, yet bullheaded Thomas is a delight to watch as he pushes himself to cartoon lengths without succumbing to hammy or shrill overacting.
That's because most families who attended reunions last December could probably be divided into three distinct groups: the elders who perennially compare whoever is in power to Ferdinand Marcos whom they regard as the standard; the Edsa veterans who are just as bullheaded about why we should not allow anyone to 'normalize' the Marcos past; and the majority who couldn't care less, and who, over the years, have come to include those disillusioned by the failed promises of the left, the center and the right.
Both filled with spitfire, they may have different ideas about what needs to be done, but they are equally bullheaded about getting there.
I expect Zhanat to be how he always is - bullheaded and in a forward line," Burnett said.
After the war, he said of the battle of the Somme: "More than 400,000 of our men fell in this bullheaded fight and the slaughter amongst our young officers was appalling.
Another work shows a bullheaded man with the slogan, "Let's not enjoy natural leather
He was funny, bullheaded, mercurial, generous, deeply talented and driven.
Sadly for the Palestinians, it is more likely to do the opposite, reviving hostility and polarisation that the peace process, glacial though it may be, has containedaACA* To be sure, Netanyahu's bullheaded refusal to renew a freeze on [colony] construction as a condition of negotiations set Abbas on this pathaACA* Netanyahu has assumed his usual hostile stance, bristling with non-specific threats that might include such counterproductive steps as formal annexation of territory.
I would put my arms around him and I would not let him go and I would apologise to him for being bullheaded," the 58-year-old said.
And someone said James would not have got where he was if he was not bullheaded too, and that he got that from me.
Agnieszka is a bullheaded and accident-prone 17-year-old from a sleepy, vaguely Eastern European village that lies in the shadow of the mysterious and malevolent Wood.